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2015-16 Registration

2015-2016 Season The online "Coach" Registration information will be posted June 30, 2015 At this time there are lots of changes coming and we w...

SHA AGM & Special Meeting

A SHA special general meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm on May 28th at The Delta Calgary South Nakiska Ballroom in the Atrium Building 135 South...

PeeWee 5 victors at Canmore Tournament

Congrats Pee Wee 5 on winning Canmore tournament

Southland Sponsors Wanted

Southland Hockey Association is offering some sponsorship opportunities. Click here for more information

Southland Apparel

Southland Hockey is pleased to announce Best Cap as the official SHA apparel supplier for the 2014/15 season. See info on the Apparel Page at the top...

To the Membership of Southland Hockey Association

 These are very challenging times for small hockey associations in Calgary.  While some areas of the city are experiencing significant growth in population and participation, older neighbourhoods are not.  This disparity compels us to look for ways to equalize and stabilize our numbers in order to continue to deliver an effective program. The future framework of Hockey Calgary will require substantial changes in our boundaries and overall size in order for us to give our children the best hockey experience we can.  In this regard, we would prefer to control our own destiny and as a result, we have worked throughout the year on various options and have had many discussions with multiple parties.

 We have entered into an agreement in principle with Shaw Meadows Hockey Association to amalgamate and form a new hockey association.  In the end, we came to the table with several ideas and principles which we felt were important to Southland and they were successfully incorporated into the process.  We are drafting a formal Amalgamation Agreement and will look to a special meeting in order to approve it as a special resolution.

* Note Change UPDATED MAY 21** 

  The special general meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm on May 28th at 

The Delta Calgary South  

Nakiska Ballroom in the Atrium Building

135 Southland Drive S.E. Calgary, AB T2J 5X5

P. 403-278-5050

The Nakiska Ballroom is directly to the right after entering the Atrium Building.


The Special Meeting will be held at 7pm followed by our AGM at 8pm.  

The proposed special resolution is as follows:

 Be it resolved that Southland Hockey Association enter into an amalgamation agreement with Shaw Meadows Hockey Association under the provisions of the Province of Alberta’s Societies Act within the Revised Statutes of Alberta 200 Chapter S-14 and the amalgamated association will participate in Hockey Calgary activities as a member association beginning in the 2015/2016 season.

A meeting of the new association will follow on June 4th at a location to be determined.   

Thank you for your patience and attention in this matter.  It has been a long and complicated road but we truly feel that we’ve made the best move for the membership, for the future, and most importantly for our kids.

The official attachments are included below.


Jamie Marshall



SOUTHWEST CALGARY, AB., May 6, 2015 – Southland Hockey Association (SHA) and Shaw Meadows Hockey Association (SMHA) are proud to announce that they have entered into a definitive agreement that will see their hockey associations and all operations merge into a new single entity.  This combination reflects both associations’ commitment to providing an excellent environment for player development, competitive teams and a great hockey experience for all members.  This merger will take effect immediately and will be implemented for the upcoming 2015/16 season.


This merger was in line with Hockey Calgary’s boundary review and vision of association development.  Both organizations would like to thank Kevin Kobelka, Executive Director Hockey Calgary, and all Hockey Calgary members for their time and support through this exciting development.


As part of the merger agreement a new Board has been designed and implemented.  Outlined below are the Executive changes:


·        SHA President Jamie Marshall will transition to Director of Coaches of the new entity


·        SMHA President Stacey Warren will transition to Past President of the new entity (Past President serves as a key resource and council to the Board)


·        ** SMHA Vice President, On-Ice, Joe Strang will transition to President of the new entity


·        ** SHA member, Mike Nicholas will transition to Vice President, On Ice of the new entity


·        ** SHA Treasurer, Cori-Ann Mogan will now transition to Treasurer of the new entity


·        ** SMHA Vice President, Off Ice, Chris Mealin will now transition to Vice President, Off Ice of the new entity


Southland Hockey Association and Shaw Meadows Hockey Association would like to thank Mr. Jamie Marshall, Mr. Stacey Warren, Mr. Joe Strang, Mr. Mike Nicholas, Mr. Scott Anklewich and Mr. Chris Mealin for their large amount of time and dedication in bringing together this merger.


Congratulations to all membership communities!  The 2015/16 season will be a great success!







Date:               May 6, 2015

To:                   Shaw Meadows Hockey Association, Southland Hockey Association

From:              Hockey Calgary

Re:                   Association Merger – SMHA & SHA

CC:                   HC Board


Over the past 2 months Hockey Calgary has engaged the membership in reviewing the boundaries within the city of Calgary (zone 9).  The associations of Shaw Meadows (SMHA) and Southland (SHA) have been very active in this process, and we appreciate their support in determining these very difficult decisions.


The overriding goal of Hockey Calgary in this process was to ‘continue to develop an environment where every player in the City of Calgary has an equal opportunity to develop their skills’.


At the same time we focused on the following criteria in assessing the situation:


-        Improve access to ice for all members

-        Reduce size gap between small & large associations

-        Optimize travel time for all members

-        Improve competitiveness across associations

-        Grow the game


Considering these factors, Hockey Calgary has worked closely with both associations, and determined that the best solution moving forward is as follows:


-        The Shaw Meadows Hockey Association and the Southland Hockey Association will merge into a new single entity beginning in the 2015-2016 season


These decisions have been very difficult and we realize they will affect some families to a greater extent than others.  In making the decisions we had to balance the individual needs of the hockey associations, the parents, the players and the communities with what we perceive as a better environment to play hockey in moving forward.


While we believe this is the correct decision for Hockey Calgary and the affected Associations, we also realize that change does not come without challenges.  In the upcoming months we will work closely with both associations (the new entity) to ensure the transition is smooth.


Many details are still to be worked out, but please see the attached joint announcement from SMHA and SHA regarding the agreement and some preliminary decisions.

Once again we thank you for your support and look forward to working with everyone to make this transition as seamless as possible.



Kevin Kobelka

Executive Director

Hockey Calgary

Congratulations go out to Well Deserved Hockey Calgary Award Winners:

 Southland Volunteer of the Year - Don Younker

Ray Hostland Memorial “Presidents Award” -  Jill Cameron

All the awards can be viewed at


Another year of Southland Hockey has come to a close and with that we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the coach evaluation surveys found on the website at the following link:

Head Coach Evaluations

Assistant Coach Evaluations


This information is very important for the association to understand where improvements need to be made for the next season.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete these.


Scott Anklewich

Hockey Operations – Southland Hockey


Jake Schatz is Southland Hockey's Official of the year for the season 2014-15.   


Jake Schatz is a 2nd year referee who has moved up quickly in his referee skills and abilities.  He is very dependable, reliable and consistent.  He has helped in tense play-off games, regular season,  and our tournaments.

The other referees enjoy working with Jake as he is always on time, takes his role seriously and has been helpful to our younger referees in assisting with their training.  


Honourable mention is given to the Cunningham family - Mark, Codyn and Quaid - for a very reliable and talented referee family  !!!


Congratulations SHA Atom 4 Snipers  .. City Champions

CONGRATULATIONS SHA Bantam 1 on winning City Championship final..

2015 Bantam 1 Cities

Southland 3 on 3 Logo.jpg


Thanks everyone for assisting with SHA 3on3 it's over for another year.

Plans are already under way to for next year….

If you are interested in making next year’s 3 on 3 even more exciting for the players


Please contact: Wanda Metz at


Congratulations to

SHA Novice 5, Atom 4 and Midget 3

On winning EMHW Silver medals!

And to

SHA Bantam 1 for bringing home the Gold medal!!

2015 EMHW Btm 2

Congrats to all our Southland Hockey teams on

playing hard through all their games! 

You have provided your fans with an exciting week of hockey !

Thank you!!


Voulunteering at it's best...   

Coach Mark


Looking for your players practise, schedule & information?

->  Age Category (novice,atom, peewee,bantam, midget,junior)

->  Then select Teams

-> select team

-> Practises/Games are seperate.  Games can be found under Schedule.  

-> If you want complete schedule with everything listed look at the calendar found on the full site view.  

For information pertaining to Scheduling windows and other important dates refer to:

Hockey Calgary 2014-15 Season Important Dates 

 See RAMP Facts underneath the Information Tab for more information on Calendars and Info for Managers.  

Still can't find what you need ??     Send an email to :

Southland Hockey Association 'SHA'

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Southland Hockey Association is to make hockey a fun and rewarding

experience for all participants through a program that provides an organized and disciplined

approach to developing hockey skills. 


Objectives of the Hockey program 

  • Encourage, promote, coordinate, improve and provide the means to enhance the experience of all those who wish to play, coach or otherwise become involved in the sport of hockey within the boundaries of the Southland Hockey Association.
  • Improve participants' basic hockey and coaching skills, to encourage players and other participants to make new friends, to encourage good sportsmanship, to create a spirit of fair competition and to conduct activities in a safe environment.

Southland Hockey Association 

1600 90 Ave. SW

PO Box 72114

RPO Glenmore Landing

Calgary AB T2V 5H9

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