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 Crystal Wasyliw

Thank you very much for the support and enthusiasm with which you've greeted this new chapter in our association's history.

While it's hard to see it go, we should be tremendously excited with what we are creating here and what it will mean for our kids' hockey experience.  There will be teething pains as it's a monumental task and a short time to get it done.  However, the enthusiasm and effort that is being poured into this is stunning.  More importantly, everyone involved is trying earnestly to create something exciting, new and effective for our kids.  I am proud to be a member of the new board and the new association.

While I am looking forward, I want to acknowledge the tremendous work, effort, and passion with which the Southland board has operated during this last year.  It's been a huge privilege to have worked with such a wonderful, dynamic, and caring group of people.  As an association we should never forget the great  programs, history, and community that we've all built together.

So, looking forward, we're launching our new ship on Thursday.  Bigger, better, shinier, the reveal and christening will certainly answer a lot of the questions that everybody has.  


Jamie Marshall










Date:               May 6, 2015

To:                   Shaw Meadows Hockey Association, Southland Hockey Association

From:              Hockey Calgary

Re:                   Association Merger – SMHA & SHA

CC:                   HC Board


Over the past 2 months Hockey Calgary has engaged the membership in reviewing the boundaries within the city of Calgary (zone 9).  The associations of Shaw Meadows (SMHA) and Southland (SHA) have been very active in this process, and we appreciate their support in determining these very difficult decisions.


The overriding goal of Hockey Calgary in this process was to ‘continue to develop an environment where every player in the City of Calgary has an equal opportunity to develop their skills’.


At the same time we focused on the following criteria in assessing the situation:


-        Improve access to ice for all members

-        Reduce size gap between small & large associations

-        Optimize travel time for all members

-        Improve competitiveness across associations

-        Grow the game


Considering these factors, Hockey Calgary has worked closely with both associations, and determined that the best solution moving forward is as follows:


-        The Shaw Meadows Hockey Association and the Southland Hockey Association will merge into a new single entity beginning in the 2015-2016 season


These decisions have been very difficult and we realize they will affect some families to a greater extent than others.  In making the decisions we had to balance the individual needs of the hockey associations, the parents, the players and the communities with what we perceive as a better environment to play hockey in moving forward.


While we believe this is the correct decision for Hockey Calgary and the affected Associations, we also realize that change does not come without challenges.  In the upcoming months we will work closely with both associations (the new entity) to ensure the transition is smooth.


Many details are still to be worked out, but please see the attached joint announcement from SMHA and SHA regarding the agreement and some preliminary decisions.

Once again we thank you for your support and look forward to working with everyone to make this transition as seamless as possible.



Kevin Kobelka

Executive Director

Hockey Calgary

Southland Hockey Association 

1600 90 Ave. SW

PO Box 72114

RPO Glenmore Landing

Calgary AB T2V 5H9

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